She’s wearing a solid gold necklace, bright red lips. A black dress with a neckline that says “I’m here” without being unprofessional. Enough to keep them wondering.

Her makeup is done to perfection. It took her years to master this, she never much liked it to begin with.  Her face was naturally beautiful, she didn’t need much.

She walks in the door of her hi-rise apartment, put her keys on the side table, hangs up her bag.  She walks into the kitchen and grabs a glass from the cabinet.  No need to reach too much with the heels she’s in. They are Louboutins, she always wanted a pair. She now has six.

She takes one square ice cube from the fridge and goes to her whiskey cabinet.  She pours just enough to take the edge off. It was a stressful but successful day. $200 million in transactions. Deal closed.

She walks into her living room.  It is modern and minimalist. She looks out her floor to ceiling windows, overlooking the city.  She always loved this view, the view of the sun-setting over the city she grew up in.  She can see every place.  She can see the house she grew up in, she can see the first restaurant she worked in.  It’s changed now.  She can see the place she worked where she was unappreciated.

She can see the place she worked, where she was supported and put her in this position she is in today, right now– The place overlooking it all.


When employers ask me where I see myself in the future, this is where I see myself. How do you put that in one sentence?

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