This Year

It’s that time of year again. Review and Reflect. Plan Accordingly. What to Change, what to Keep.

I’ve been thinking about this the last couple of weeks. I’ve been really taking inventory about what happened in my life this year and what changes were made.

In January last year, I was in a really toxic job. And I know people are using the word to toxic a lot, but this job, was crazy. Given, I was warned it as crazy, and given 100% full disclosure of what I was in for.

Of course, I took the job and said, “This is fine, I can handle it.”

In March, I decided that I could not and was not handling it well. I quit on Frida, dropped of my stuff on Monday and was done.

I had a business coach and pivoted from a previous business ( that’s another blog post) to my bookkeeping business.

I’ve gone through all the hills and valleys of emotions when it comes to starting your own business. I have always been entrepreneurial, so it felt right. But then the uncertainty and -not -good enough creeps in. Am I ruining my career? Then I would get a client. No , I’m helping people. I’m finally testing my hypothesis that I can run a business.

We are still running tests, so the outcome of this experiment is still in the works. As I’m reflecting, I’m realizing that this experiment is more than just numbers and what a profitable business is. It’s more about testing my focus and my discipline when it comes to this new found freedom of time. My tolerance and resilience. Refining my skills.

My boyfriend and I can travel without restriction, and can take last minute trips, because everything is remote. I have the ability to have lunch with my step dad on a Wednesday, and help my best friend move from her house at the last minute when she needs me. I’ve learned that while I have the freedom to go out every weekday, its not the best thing to do. I’m learning when I say I’ll do it later, it means I will regret doing it later, and not doing it now.

I’m learning that I will really never know the answer, but the path of finding it is usually more fun.

And I have more time to explore that now. And I think that is really the best part of it all.

1 thought on “This Year”

  1. Excellent findings to note, dear Jenna! I especially appreciate the one about doing something later, but realizing it’s best to do it now!! You are a smart cookie! And a sweet one too! πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’–


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