Money Makes The World Go Round

Money equated happiness.

Growing up, that seemed to be the theme.

“If only I had{insert amount here}, it will make me happy”.

“If your father pays me {insert amount here}, everything will be better”

“When you make {insert amount here}, everything will be better”

“When I have {insert amount here}, then I will be able to retire and live the life of my dreams.”

I thought I rejected this, as I had seen money cause so much unhappiness in the people around me.  It seemed to be pain point rather than a happiness button.

However, when I was thinking about my goals, it had to do with {insert amount here}.

If this really was true, that money got you a ticket on the happiness train, then why did Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, along with so many countless others, choose to jump off?

Money is just a tool.  The real thing that is important is how you feel about yourself, and how you are feeling in your surroundings.  Money can be used to change that which is important, but there is so much more work you have to do to fulfill yourself, rather than just your bank account.

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