Carousel Horses

“Two path diverged in the wood and I-I took the path less chosen by and that has made all the difference.”

~ The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

This is from one of my favorite poems. I apply it to many things in life and sometimes I think so deeply about it, it’s almost like I’ve stopped in my tracks.

I currently feel at a crossroads in my life, in many different sectors. When it comes to my career, or my path, I know that I will have to shut the door on one opportunity to open another.

However, this is paralyzing for me. Am I making the right decision? Will I regret it later on? How do you REALLY know if you are making a good choice. And really the fact is you don’t.

In an interview, Seth Godin explained that he thought “finding your purpose” is not accurate or true. He compared choices like these to carousal horses on a merry go round. The carousel will kept spinning, and showing you different kinds until you choose to get on the horse.

So, I’m currently trying to make a choice of which horse I want to ride.

I think one of my fears now, is that I will be so consumed with analyzing each and every one, that I won’t ever ride the carousel at all, that I will just sit and there and watch all of the pretty opportunities pass by, and not realize what my potential is.

I guess, one of the great things about the carousel, if it keeps spinning, and if I decide I want to ride one horse, I can always get off and get on another one.

2 thoughts on “Carousel Horses”

  1. Very wise consideration. I’ve found that it’s most important to get on the horse – any horse to get the change process started, to own your own stuff, but most of all to take center stage in your life by making informed choices. As you say, you can always change horses as Time goes on. Must get started!

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  2. Back in the saddle again. Time to go ridding? Fall off just get back on. Austin Texas. -Benjamin Sullivan WildlionATX


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